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In-Vision Counselling Services was set up to help individuals and families in need. We help to build stronger, happier bonds within families; we help mothers in the stressful pre- and post-pregnancy stages; we give parents the advice and support they need to give their children a fantastic childhood; and we do individual one-on-one counselling to sort out the kinds of things that shouldn’t be dealt with alone.

We believe that too many people are on the fence about counselling. Even if you don’t hold a stigma around counselling issues, there’s still a widespread regard for mental and familial issues as being rare, extreme, definitely-not-me kinds of things. The reality is that even if you don’t think you have a categorical ‘illness’ or ‘family problem’, you could still improve your life greatly by seeking our help. In itself, a professional third party opinion on an issue often makes an incredible difference.

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